Best friend shayari in english 2 line

Best friend shayari in english 2 line:

1. You and I, side by side we stand,
Best friends forever, hand in hand.

2. Through thick and thin, we’re always there,
A friendship so strong, beyond compare.

3. When times are tough, you lend a ear,
With you, I have nothing to fear.

4. We laugh, we cry, and share our dreams,
In you, a true friend, I have found it seems.

5. Like stars that light up the sky above,
Our friendship shines with endless love.

6. When life gets hard, you’re my support,
With you, I feel safe and never caught.

7. Through ups and downs, we stay true,
Best friends forever, me and you.

8. You know me well, both inside and out,
In your company, I have no doubt.

9. With you, life’s journey is full of glee,
A friend like you is a gift to me.

10. A shoulder to lean on, a heart so kind,
In you, a true friend, I always find.

11. Together we face whatever may come,
In this friendship, we’re second to none.

12. Distance may separate, but not our heart,
We’re best friends, never to part.

13. In times of need, you’re always there,
A bond like ours, forever rare.

14. With you, life is a joyful ride,
Best friends forever, side by side.

15. Thank you for being by my side,
In you, a best friend, I confide.

16. You bring sunshine to my darkest day,
Best friends forever, come what may.

17. Like a rainbow after the rain,
Our friendship brings joy again and again.

18. In you, I’ve found a friend so true,
Together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

19. You make me smile, you make me strong,
In our friendship, I belong.

20. With you, life feels like a happy song,
Best friends forever, we always belong.

21. You lift me up when I am down,
A friend like you, I’ve truly found.

22. In the story of life, you’re my favorite part,
With you, I feel safe and smart.

23. You know my quirks, you know my heart,
Best friends forever, never to part.

24. With you, life’s troubles seem so small,
Our friendship, the greatest gift of all.

25. Together we laugh, together we cry,
In you, a friend for life, I rely.

26. You’re the peanut to my butter,
With you, I can face any clutter.

27. Through thick and thin, we’ll always mend,
Best friends, forever until the end.

28. When I stumble, you’re there to catch,
In you, a friend I can perfectly match.

29. A friend like you is a precious treasure,
With you, life’s challenges I measure.

30. You’re the puzzle piece that fits just right,
Best friends forever, a bond so tight.

31. With you, I can be my true self,
A friendship like this, is true wealth.

32. You’re my confidante, my partner in crime,
In you, a friend for a lifetime.

33. Together, we create memories to last,
Best friends, a bond that’s unsurpassed.

34. You make the journey of life worthwhile,
With you, I find comfort in every mile.

35. In the book of friendship, you’re my favorite page,
With you, I find strength in every stage.

36. You light up my life like stars in the sky,
A friend like you, I’m grateful to have by.

37. When life gets tough and I feel blue,
You’re the one who helps me through.

38. With you, life’s a beautiful dance,
Best friends forever, taking a chance.

39. You’re the ray of hope in my darkest night,
In our friendship, everything feels right.

40. Together we stand, hand in hand,
In you, a best friend, I understand.

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